Elementary School Programs

We offer a variety of programs to children from preschool through 7th grade at schools, lunch bunch programs, libraries, and churches. These are comprised of story reading, puppet shows, and video based presentations.  Topics covered include:  Alcohol abuse, Autism, Bullying, Honesty, Identification of Feelings, Organization, Problem Solving, Self Esteem, Stereotypes, Tobacco Dangers and Prescription Drug Misuse.

Kids On the Block Puppet Program

Kids on the Block is an educational puppet program offered by Mental Health America of Hendricks County. This program uses the Japanese technique of bunraku puppetry to engage and teach students about various social and mental health issues. The program was established in Hendricks County in 1999, and has continued to grow each year in popularity and participation. The puppets are child sized. The performers are volunteers trained in the techniques of puppetry and in the art of answering questions. The puppet troupe brings all of the necessary equipment for the performance, including the puppets, a portable stage, props, ect. Each performance includes a time for questions and answers from the students. Audience size is limited to allow for this discussion therefore, more than one performance for a grade level may be scheduled.

Programs offered by grade level:

  • Grade One – Identification of Feelings,  Problem Solving
  • Grade Two – Tobacco and Other Drug Use Prevention, “Good” vs “Bad” Medicine
  • Grades Three & Four – Bullying Prevention, Autism Awareness
  • Grade Five – Bullying Prevention, Autism Awareness, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use Prevention

Book/ Video based Elementary Program

  • Age appropriate book and video based educational programs are also offered by Mental Health America of Hendricks County. These consist of either a story reading or  video based presentation coupled with a related activity and/ or worksheet.

Programs offered by grade level:

  • Kindergarten – Identification of Feelings/ Moods
  • Grade One – Honesty
  • Grade Two –  Bullying Prevention, Autism Awareness, Self Esteem
  • Grades Three, Four & Five – Autism Awareness
  • First Year of Middle School – Organization


For more information, or to schedule a program please email our Youth Educator, Sandy Brown at mhahc.ed@gmail.com

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