Mental Health America of Hendricks County (MHAHC) promotes mental wellness in the community through information and referral, education, individual advocacy, and support – linking those in need with appropriate mental health services in a caring, compassionate. culturally competent, and confidential manner.

We also maintain a list of current care providers, groups, and programs for all ages in the Hendricks County area. This comprehensive list can be found here.

For more information about the programs listed, please contact the office at (317) 272-0027 or


Screening Tools

If you feel that you are in need of mental health or substance abuse screenings, please visit Mental Health America‘s suite of screening tools.


Community Education Programs

Kids on the Block/Education

Kids on the Block is an educational puppet program for elementary age students. Educational video based presentations are available for middle and high school students. Programs enlighten children on issues including disability awareness, autism, bullying, alcohol/tobacco, drugs and prescription drug misuse, and conflict resolution. The programs are designed to entertain, inform and help to create positive attitudinal and behavioural change for present and future generations. MHAHC reaches five to six thousand children each year.

For more information on puppeteering, contact our Youth Educator at


Our Child, Our Divorce

This class is court mandated and was created to better enable parents to help their children cope with the stress of divorce in a way that is appropriate to the child’s age and development. The class helps parents better understand the impact of the divorce on their children and teaches them applicable skills.

Registration for the Our Child, Our Divorce class must be completed via telephone.


Community Support

Mental Health Support Group

This group meets every Thursday evening at Mental Health America of Hendricks County in Avon.  It is open to anyone with issues relating to depression, bipolar disorder, or other mental health conditions, as well as their families and friends.  It is an informal, peer-to-peer support group.


Westside Widowed Support Group

This is an informal group that offers social activities and mutual support to widowed men and women in the area.  Regular monthly meetings with a guest speaker are held at the Avon United Methodist Church on the first Sunday of each month.  Social gatherings are held throughout each month at a variety of locations.  The group publishes a newsletter three times a year containing information about specific activities.


Information, Referral, and Advocacy Services

Information and Referral

We provide information and referral services to approximately 200 people each year.  We keep extensive information available at our office to help serve them.  We also always refer people to Connect to Help 211, a service of the United Way of Central Indiana that provides the most up-to-date information on referrals in the community. We also maintain a list of current care providers, groups, and programs for all ages in the Hendricks County area. This comprehensive list can be found here.


Individual Advocacy Services

While we do not engage in public policy advocacy, we do provide individual advocacy services to community members with mental illnesses who request our help.  This can include making referrals, contacting other agencies on a person’s behalf, and, if necessary, intervening with an agency for someone in need.


Suicide Prevention Programs

QPR–Question, Persuade, Refer

This program is available to any interested community group that would like to learn life-saving skills.  You do not have to be a mental health professional to learn how to intervene and save someone from suicide.  Classes are formed and held based on input from interested community members.


Youth Advisory Board and “Live for Tomorrow” Teen Suicide Awareness Concert

The Youth Advisory Board consists of local teenagers interested in making a difference in the mental wellbeing of our community.  One of their key activities in the past several years has been to plan and put on the annual “Live for Tomorrow” Teen Suicide Awareness Concert.  Several great, family-friendly bands have played at prior concerts.  Between each band’s performance, someone whose life has been impacted by a suicide takes the stage and speaks to the crowd about their experience.


Gift Lift

Gift Lift provides Christmas gifts to many residents of our community who might otherwise be forgotten.  It provides them with an opportunity to be remembered and brings them some happiness.  Gifts are delivered to county residents that reside in state psychiatric hospitals, residents of Cypress Manor, and to long-term and chronically mentally ill folks in the community.  Also, every resident of participating nursing homes in Hendricks County receives a gift.